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  1. Activate a FedEx account.
  2. Enter in the required items in the Shipping Configuration section in WSM (Sytems>Configuration>Shipping System>Configuration>Shipping & Handling tab): Key, Password, Account # and Meter #.
  3. The password you enter is included in an email from FedEx. It is not the same password used to log into your FedEx account.

Contact FedEx web services API to enable address validation in order for the FedEx options to be activated on the front end of the site. See steps below.


  1. Call 1877 339 2774
  2. Press 2 FedEx web API
  3. Press 3
  4. Once you are in contact with a FedEx Web Service Representative:
    1. Inform them that you want to enable address validation only (no shipping label validation) for your account
    2. You will need: account number, meter number, company name, company address, company phone number.
  5. Ask for a reference number. Save the ref # as FedEx has a tendency to be late in doing these small requests.
  6. The change should be completed while you are on the phone so you can have a product in the checkout with an address. When they tell you it is complete, click in the zip code field and then scroll down to the shipping area. The FedEx methods should appear. If not, let them know you are not getting rates yet.