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Q:  How do I add a Blog to my WSM site?

A:  It is very simple to do and you will find that adding content to the blog works very much the same way as adding content to Site Pages.

We have a site page that will walk you through on how to add News Topics (categories of blog posts), News Articles (the blog posts), and Comments which can be found here: In that site page you will also find links to blog posts we have written in the past that will answer many of the questions you might have.

Once you have your content, you will need to create a navigation link to your Blog, or News section (name it however you choose to use it). There is a great video on this here: entitled "Add a Navigation Link". The video will explain how to add the link and you can determine where you would like the link to appear on your site (in the footer, main navigation, etc.). The editing and adding of Navigation links will be done in Content > Navigation