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Q:  How Do I Confirm an Order In Progress?

Purpose of the Orders in Progress Report:

This report typically only contains orders where people have progressed to the checkout but do not finalize. But in this situation (site issues reported on 12/10/13) it also has orders that are charged but due to a system issue the orders are not receiving the payment response from the payment gateway and so they are remaining as Building/Order in Progress.

Steps for Processing Orders where you've received a payment:

Confirming the Order:

  1. Log into WSM
  2. Hover over Reports
  3. Click on Orders in Progress
  4. Find the order related to the Customer that received the charge but you did not get the order.
  5. Click Edit
  6. Complete any information that was not saved with the order. Typically Phone number, Customer Name and Email.
  7. Change the Order Status to New or Processing (depending on what you want to do)
  8. Click Save Changes, This will send an email to the customer with a order confirmation

Add Payment Notes:

  1. Hover Over Orders
  2. Click the Status you set for the order in step 7 above
  3. Edit the order
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the order and add any information you have about the payment from your payment gateway (Authorize.nt, Sage, or PayPal) to the comments. ID, Amount, Time, Last Four Digits
  5. Uncheck the box to email the customer
  6. Click Save Changes