How do I create a secondary user in PayPal Manager?

If you are a Payflow Pro user, we strongly recommended that you create a secondary user in PayPal Manager for integration purposes. This will help maintain your integration if you ever need to change your primary PayPal Manager password.

  1. Click here to log in to PayPal Manager.
  2. Enter your Partner, Merchant Login and Password information, and then click Log In
  3. Click Account Administration
  4. Under Manage Users, click Add User.
  5. Enter all required information:
    • Admin User Password: Enter the password for your primary PayPal Manager login.
    • Contact Name Email: Enter your contact name and email. The Phone field is not required and can be left blank. These fields will not be seen by your buyers.
    • User Login Name:  Enter a user account name, usually for a cart integration or restricted employee account. The name must contain at least 7 alphanumeric characters.
    • User Password: Enter a password for the user account. Use a different value than your Admin User Password. The password must contain at least 7 alphanumeric characters.
    • Predefined Role: Specify a privilege level, which varies based on the type of user you are creating. For shopping cart purposes, select API_FULL_TRANSACTIONS to ensure that the user is only able to submit API transaction requests, and is not able to log in to the PayPal Manager.
    • User Status: Select Active.
    • View Bills (may not appear depending on the account type); Select Yes if the user needs to view monthly invoices/bills; otherwise, select No. 
  6. Click Update.

To see the original steps or any additional information from PayPal; visit

Adding to WSM

  1. Log into the back end of your website
  2. Hover over System 
  3. Click on Configuration
  4. Click on the gray tab PayPal & Processing
  5. In Payment Options section select Credit (PayPal Pro)
  6. Once you click on that you will see fields open up and the information that you collected above, use to fill in. 
  7. Click Save Changes on the far right.