Google Shopping

Gone are the days when Google is giving away specific traffic to your submitted product pages for free. Now, in order to be listed on Google Shopping (formerly called Froogle) you need to participate in two areas of Google:

  1. Your products need to be submitted to Google's merchant center. Note:Web Design Solutions does this for you as part of your monthly service fee.
  2. You need to have a Google AdWords account so you can set up a Campaign for your product listings.


1. Google Merchant Center

You may request for WSM to create a merchant account for your compnay. If you want to check if you already have a Google Merchant Account through WSM, please reach out to the Customer Experience Team.

WSM will provide documentation on the maintenance of your Google Merchant Center account:

    • Creates accounts
    • Automated updates feed daily
    • Controls robotos.txt files

While WSM has automated daily feeds to Google Merchant Center, you can still play a key role in affecting your Product Listing Ads success. Please be aware that the quality of all of these topics will help your success...

    • Use high quaility images on product pages. Minimum Size: 250 x 250 pixels. Recommended Size: 400 x 400 pixels
    • Create descriptive and accurate product titles
    • Develop relevant and useful product descriptions
    • Do not use promotional text in your descriptions, such as "Free Shipping"
    • Do not use BLACK CAPITALS in your titles or descriptions

2. Google AdWords

Linking your AdWords Account to Merchant Center

In order to create a Product Listing Campaign you must link your AdWords Account to your Merchant Center Account. This is completed by obtaining and emailing your AdWords Customer ID number to WDS,

      1. Log into AdWords (If you do not have an account, create one.)
      2. Locate your AdWords Customer ID number in the top right corner of any AdWords Screen, Customer ID: XXX-XXX-XXXX
      3. Highlight and copy the number
      4. Open and email to
      5. Paste the number in the body of the email, note the URL the account is used for and send the message

You will be notified once this information is received by WDS and the association has been completed. Once you receive WDS notification, you may begin setting up your Product Listing Campaigns.

3. Creating a Product Listing Campaign

It is highly recommended that you create a separate campaign for your Product Listing Ads (PLA). By doing this, it allows you to set different ad groups, targets, budgets and track performance more efficiently.

The next step will be to ad the Ad Extension to connect the Product Listing Campaign with your Google then set up AdGroups within your PLA Campaign. The following are some suggestions that may help you decide how many AdGroups to make within your PLA campaign: 

  • Make a separate AdGroup for groups of products that you would like to bid differently for.
  • Do you have a group of products that have a special promotion? Ex. Free Shipping, 10% off MSRP. 
    If so, make a separate AdGroup for these products as each AdGroup allows for a unique promotion per product target to be added. 
  • Make one AdGruop that is specifically for ALL PRODUCTS. Have it be the only AdGroup that has ALL PRODUCTS and set the bid price to lower than all your other AdGroups.

Google allows you to filter the products that are included in an AdGroup by all products or specific Auto Targets, as outlined in the next section.

To learn even more, click on the following link to view the steps Google provides to set up a product listing campaign:

4. Adding Auto Targets

Once your Campaign is created in Google AdWords, you will need to add an "Ad Extension" to account for the campaign linking back to your account in the Google Merchant Center.


  1. Sign in to your account at
  2. Click the campaign or ad group where you want to create your target.
  3. Click the Auto targets tab.
  4. Click Add product target above the statistics table.
  5. Click the ad group where you'd like to create the ad.
  6. Select up to three product attributes and enter their corresponding values. These values must match the values in your Google Merchant Center feed exactly, if they do not your ads will not be served for these targets.
    • ID: WSM Product ID
    • Product Type: The full category tree from WSM for the products you want listed.
      ie. Performance/Engine/Drivetrain > Exhaust > Exhaust System Kit > Exhaust System Kit
    • Brand: Brand as listed in WSM
    • Condition: Exact Value from list in WSM (New, Used, Unique, Refurbished)
    • AdWords Labels: Not available at this time
    • AdWords Grouping: Not available at this time
  7. Click Save.

You can add multiple product targets per ad group but should only consider having multiple ad groups if you want to have different promotional messages for each product target. 


Google's Shopping Best Practice: Download HerePlease Remember! WDS sets up your Merchant Center and submits your products for you on a nightly basis.