Built-in SEO with WSM

Built-in SEO with WSM

When customers perform searches in search engines it is very important that your site rank as highly as possible. In order to help our WSM users’ sites rank higher organically, hundreds of hours have been spent with SEO experts to make WSM as automated as possible. That means, even if our WSM users are not knowingly working on their SEO, their site is working on it for them. There are so many items that work together to improve organic SEO that it would be nearly impossible to outline them all. This will highlight WSMs Automated Search Engine Optimization features.


Automatically Generated Feeds

The benefit is that Google and other search engines will be more likely to find your products, site pages, and URL listings deep within your navigation that might ordinarily be overlooked when your site is crawled.  This also ensures that the crawlers are not wasting time on pages that are less important.  Instead they can focus on the URLs that are most important or have recent changes.

Every night WSM automatically generates the following feeds for you:

  • Compressed XML Google Base Feed - base.xml.gz (automatically submitted)
  • Shopping.com & Yahoo Shopping CSV Product feed - product.txt
  • Compressed XML Google Sitemap - sitemap.xml.gz (automatically available)
  • Yahoo URL list - urllist.txt (automatically available)
  • Universal robots file - robots.txt (automatically available)

Content Optimization

We go to great lengths to utilize every piece of content WSM users provide to build uniquely distributed Search Engine Optimization as well as increase the interconnection of that content on each site we develop. We leverage direct information like product names and product keywords, along with indirect information including, attributes, category names, brand names and then strategically distribute that content throughout the site via alt and title tags to create a targeted network that points to each individual product, category or brand page.

Automatically Generated Product IDs

WSM automatically generates highly optimized pseudo-static URLs with an .html extension. Each product is assigned an item number within WSM, with the primary purpose being to ensure that even if two manufacturers use the same ID there will not be any internal confusion.  Those product IDs also help with Word of Mouth Marketing buzz.  This buzz might occur using Social Media, or by friends sharing links via email.  The inclusion of the product ID at the beginning of the URL reduces the opportunity for a user to accidently cut the link short when sharing it. 

Additionally, you do not want to change a product name which may result in a lower ranking. Changes might be due to a manufacturer name change or your own optimization efforts. By keeping the same ID on an eCommerce product we can trigger a 301 redirect (Google approved) to the new URL causing the search engines to update their index to the new URL the day they discover it.  This also ensures that anyone who has linked to one of your pages from their blog or forum will not end up with a 404 missing page error.  WSM has done extensive testing with Google as well as SEO experts to determine if the arbitrary product number has any effect on ranking.  In a side by side comparison of two urls one with the product ID and one without, the results were the same in both cases.  Google ignores the arbitrary ID, and it has no bearing on ranking.

Customizable Static Landing Pages

Each brand and category has its own static site page, which can be fully customized, and optimized.  Organizing content within WSM can be done easily through the Brand & Attribute system.  This system makes it incredibly simple to assign product to brands and organize products in a year/make/model type system.  The easier it is for customers to find products, the quicker they will become customers!  When each combination of Brands & Attributes is selected, a dedicated landing page will be created for every combination which may include a landing page for each and every vehicle combination being used.

Ping Search Engines and Blog Aggregators

When you are finished adding your blog post to your blog, or adding new site pages, from within the WSM dashboard you have the ability to ping the Search Engines, and blog aggregators to alert them to your new content.  This step will take you 30 seconds, and will yield tremendous benefits.

Fast Loading Templates

  • Optimized and Valid HTML – not only do we validate our HTML, we also optimize the order of the HTML to place the important content near the top of the page. At WSM, we guarantee all t’s are crossed, the i’s dotted the alt tags are filled in, and title tags have extra information!
  • Minimal CSS code in the HTML – to keep the HTML lean, mean, fast, and spider friendly, CSS is taken out of the HTML and linked to the page.
  • Valid CSS – we produce clean valid CSS that SEO engines scream through and give the seal of approval to move your site up the SERPs.
  • Built in Sitemap – Our templates typically have a sitemap built right in them. Search Engines can crawl almost the entire site from one page, plus users can always find where they are going without having to stop and ask for directions.
  • Indexed Pages – We properly use H1 and H2 tags to show search engines the main subjects and Table of Contents for the content to be indexed.