Website Design: Who are the Decision Makers?

Who's Involved in Your Website Design Process?

It is important to establish early on who all is going to be involved and offering input on the design of your website. This makes the process go much more smoothly, and ultimately leads to a higher quality end product.


Why is Not Establishing Decision Makers Harmful?

Not having good communication throughout the web design process is a detriment to the end product. Everyone who has a say in the website needs to be involved in every major design decision. Imagine getting to the end of the process and finding out that one of the key decision makers doesn't like a major part of the design. What do you do now? Start over? This is why it's important to get everyone involved!


You need to understand all interested parties, their desires, the things they do or don’t like, their level of technical know-how, and more. You need to get everyone who is involved in the process so they can help you steer the direction and create a more successful site. There is a huge difference in designing and developing a site like Web Shop Manager, versus say, a knitting website- and you need to understand these differences! Even if you fall into the site’s demographic, you should still reach out to find more information. Everyone is different after all, and everyone experiences things differently. Remember this in your design process, and it will all be gravy. As Web Designers, we can't possibly be as knowledgeable as you in your industry, so we appreciate all the input we can get from your team!

Pros/Cons (If there's too many decision makers)


  • Better understanding of both the clients’ and consumers’ wants and needs
  • Easier development process due to increased understanding
  • Better usability since we are communicating with the site’s audience
  • More people to bounce ideas off
  • Client feels like they are getting more value since they have a better understanding of what we are doing
  • Clients and users are happier since the site works better

There CAN be cons associated when too many decision makers are involved on one project. While having the select few people who are intimately involved with the website give input is a great idea, if there are too many people it can get hectic.

Cons of too many people:

  • Design by committee (like the old saying goes-- "Too many chefs spoil a broth")
  • Decision paralysis- no one can agree on one aspect and then nothing gets done
  • We have to spend more time initially working with clients, which slows down the development process significantly. Time is money!
  • We have to wait for feedback much longer. Losing momentum on a project can be a huge detriment to the final quality of the site. And once again, time is money!