Minimal Requirements for eCommerce

Minimal Requirements:

This page will explain the basic components necessary to successfully build and operate an online selling presence and go into further detail about what these things entail.



The first and most important step in selling online is having a functional site. A successful eCommerce site needs a layout that makes finding products easy. This is known as user-centered design, and done properly it will generate sales for your online business. (Much like the way that sales signs and strategic placement can lead to sales for a brick and mortar store).


Products and high quality product pages are also a necessity in eCommerce. Products need to be categorized and include pictures and detailed descriptions. The goal is to allow the customer to have a shopping experience that is as dynamic as one they would experience in a brick & mortar store.

A Way to Check Out

A comprehensive online shopping cart and checkout system is a must for any eCommerce store. Not having this would be the equivalent of a brick and mortar store having no checkout counter or cash register! Doesn’t sound like a good idea, does it? The first part of this requirement is that a eCommerce platform. There are many content only platforms, but a eCommerce specific CMS system will be needed for your customers to get to a checkout page. Ideally, the checkout process will be as short and simple as possible. It is also recommended to make it very clear that the transaction will be private and protected through some kind of online transaction security system.

Domain & Domain Registrar

Domains are used in a networking context in order to represent an Internet Protocol (IP) resource. Your site domain is like the name of your online store, for example is a domain name. A domain registrar is an organization that manages and handles internet domain names and offers these services to the public. GoDaddy is an example of a popular and widely used domain registrar.

A Place to Host

A Place to Host-A web hosting service is a company that allows people or organizations to make their site accessible on the world wide web. They will offer space on a server that is typically operated from a secure data center facility.