Content/Lead Generation Website

Lead Generation

Lead generation is a general marketing term used to describe the gathering of information related to consumer interest and potential customers in regards to a product or service being offered by a business. There are many ways to generate leads, including referrals or organic search results, and they can be used for anything from list building to sending out newsletters.


Content/Lead Generation Website

A lead generation site will have the sole purpose of spreading information about your company and attempting to gather the information of potential customers. This means it will not have a shopping cart feature, but will instead focus on great content to advertise the product or service being offered.

The ultimate goal with a LG site is to gather information from the kinds of potential customers that you want to do business with. This information will typically be gathered through forms that the visitor can fill out that will provide you with general information and what they're looking for out of the product/service you are offering. These forms should be located strategically throughout your site and catch the visitor's attention. Generally, it is a good idea to keep the first step of the form as simple as possible, as to not scare anyone away from filling it out. 

Examples of fields to be included in forms:

  • Name
  • Contact info (Phone, email, etc.)
  • Reason for contact/project overview
  • What you're hoping for from our company

Keys to a Great LG Site

  1. Clear forms/calls to action
  2. Include contact number
  3. Include testimonials
  4. Videos are always a plus

Different Kinds of LG Sites

LG sites are used throughout a variety of industries and as such are often implemented in different ways. For example, an automotive repair shop may use a LG site that advertises the different services that can be handled at their brick and mortar location and display the accolades and qualifications of the employees. Automotive repairs obviously cannot be done over the internet, but it is still extremely useful to have a web presence. ChuxTrux

A resort or retreat facility can also benefit from an effectively implemented LG site. A great site design coupled with detailed descriptions of the services and packages offered can serve as a great form of advertisement for your location. Hanbleceya

Restaurants sites are a very common example of effective Lead Generation strategies. For the most part, a restaurant site will consist of some general info on the company, location information, and a menu. What really sets a great LG site apart from the rest is the quality of the design. Encapsulating the atmosphere of the restaurant itself is a great way to attract new customers and generate the reach of your business. Studio Diner