Paypal/Google Checkout

This page explains the usability of Paypal/Google Checkout and how it obtains to your Website.


  • What is Paypal/Google Checkout

  • Benefits and Limitations of Paypal/Google Checkout

  • Paypal/Google Checkout Fraud

  • What do I need to set up Paypal/Google Checkout with my WSM website?

What is Paypal/Google Checkout

PayPal is an account-based systems that allows anyone with an e-mail address to send and receive online payments. Google checkout serves the same purpose as it is an online payment processing service provided by Google to simplify online purchases. Both Payment processes options allow you to store your Credit/Debit information to your account so you are able to Purchase and accept Payments online.

Benefits and limitations of PayPal/Google Checkout

Paypal offers good security measures at a low cost. They offer no cost sign up, no cost to transer funds from your Bank account to your Paypal account but there are monthly fees and an additonal fee per transaction. Using Paypal you have the abillity to Authorize, Capture, Refund and void your stores transactions but some changes to orders may need to be done on both the Paypal end and the WSM end for each individual order depending on the change. 

Paypal/Google Checkout Fraud

Paypal also offers Fraud management, Fraud prevention and a protection policy for merchants. Google checkout also offers fraud protection.

What do I need to set up Paypal/Google Checkout with my WSM Website?

Settings up Paypal/Google Checkout is as easy as creating an account via and/or Once the account is created, you will enter in the Email address you have associated with your Paypal account into WSM and select Paypal as one of your sites Payment options. For Google Checkout, you will also enter in your requested account information in the Google Checkout fields in WSM.