Minimal Requirements for Content/Lead Generation Sites

Minimal Requirements for Content/Lead Generation Sites

There are several things that are considered necessary when it comes to operating a successful lead generation site. Below we will outline some of the more pertinent factors:

Keys to Lead Generation Sites

Contact Number

Including a contact number is an easy way to establish customer trust and create credibility to the product or service that you are offering. Not to mention, someone that doesn't take fondly to interacting over the web may be swayed to get in contact with you once they see a phone number.
The best number to reach the company at should be included on every site page. It should also catch the eye by being very noticeably designed and placed somewhere that is sure to be seen by the visitor.


It is a good idea to include noticeable and accessible forms on every page of a lead generation site. The first step in the process of filling out your forms should be relatively simple, and if possible avoid any personal information in the first step. This can sometimes act as a deterrent to site visitors.
Depending on the industry you are involved in, you may need to include different kind of information on your forms. For example:

  • Restaurants would want to include the option to make a reservation, date and time, amount of people in the party, etc.
  • Health & Wellness Centers should include the reason for visiting, date and time, and services the visitor wishes to have performed
  • Insurance Agencies may want to include current insurance information, type of policy, and information that is pertinent to determining which policy the visitor can get

These are just a few examples meant to demonstrate the vast differences that will be present in forms in different industries. There are many more types of businesses that can utilize lead generation sites.


Providing visitors with a list of testimonials given by satisfied customers is a great way to support the credibility of your site. It is much easier to trust your peers than it is to trust the business itself.

Trust Seals

Including a trust seal on your site is one of the primary ways that you can provide comfort to potential customers. Create one that guarantees the satisfaction of the customer as well as the security of any transaction that may take place, and people are much more likely to do business with you.