Site Build & Site Configuration

Site Build & Site Configuration

Your Site Configuration section of Web Shop Manager, allows you to customize many 'global settings' with your website. A global setting is a setting that will effect your entire site every time that setting is applied. The purpose of this page is to cover the configuration settings that are important to understand before building your webiste in WSM. 


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What is Configuration

The Configuration is the brains of your site where you can set parameters that control so much of how your site functions on both the frontend and backend.There are many tabs in your site that coincide with the end goal of what you are going to accomplish.

Configuration > General

The General tab is used to control features that affect different areas of your site on both the frontend and backend and is particularly important if you are utilizing the News, Location or Coupons modules. 

Configuration > Catalog

The Catalog Tab allows you to make some very important decisions for your product pages & category pages. 

Configuration > Images

Images are an important aspect of your website; the Images Tab allows you to set parameters for your images. Web Shop Manager (WSM) makes it easy for you to control the size of your images within the Catalog, Gallery, and Survey sections without uploading new images. When preparing your images for your website you should keep the full size image in mind because WSM will not resize your image larger than the original image you uploaded. This is done on purpose as to not distort the display of your images. 

Configuration > Advanced

The Advanced Tab controls the appearance of your catalog along with some tracking reports should you wish to enable them.