Adding a Sub-Domain to an Existing H-Sphere Account

1.  First, confirm where the site will point:

Find out where they would like the sub domain to point. 

2.  Add Sub-Domain:

  1. Click Domains
  2. Click the Green UP arrow next to Sub Domains
  3. Type the sub domain name
  4. Click Create

3.  Add an A Record:

If the site has a dedicated IP and they want it to point to the home page then you can remove the A records that were created and add a new one to the dedicated IP.

  1. Highlight the dedicated IP from the Domain page in Hsphere
  2. Click the edit icon next to DNS
  3. Click the trash cans next to the sub domain A records
  4. Click Create a Custom A record
  5. Add the sub domain name
  6. Change TTL to 100
  7. Enter the IP you copied
  8. Click Save
  9. Wait for propagation to test the domain.