Adding Extra Search Terms Using Meta Keywords


The general search bar works by searching Stock ID, Dealer ID, and Product Name. Sometimes there are keywords that are used to search for a product even though they are not in one of those three fields that the search bars works with. There is an alternative areas that you can add in terms that the search bar will work with: Meta Keywords and Tags. These are two fields that you can add in specific terms for each product that will work with the search bar on your site. You can add these terms in manually or import them in.

Follow these steps on how to add these terms in manually:

  1. Log into Web Shop Manager
  2. Hover over Catalog on the gray navigation bar
  3. Click on Products
  4. Click the pencil/paper icon next to the product that you are going to edit
  5. Scroll down the product page about halfway until you find the Product Information section
  6. You will see an area to fill in Meta Keywords and Tags.
  7. Add in your keywords and separate them using commas.
  8. Once you are done inputting them in, scroll to the bottom right of the page and click Save Changes

Special Note: Please decide on which area you are going to use to populate your keywords, please do not use both for the purpose of search. It will keep your site clean and consistent.

Re-indexing Terms

The site needs to reindex itself for the search terms to be tested on the front end of the site this can take from 1-4 hours.

Follow these steps on how to import in these terms:

  1. Log into Web Shop Manager

  2. Hover over Data on the gray navigation bar

  3. Click on CSV Profiles

  4. Scroll down the page until you find the global profile 6907, or you can enter 6907 into the search box and come up with the same result. - "WSM (Copy Only) Global Meta Keywords/Tags".  

  5. Click the white paper icon next to that profile to copy it