Marketing My Website

Q:  Can you market my site for me?

A:   Currently, we do not offer a full marketing program.  However, when it comes to marketing, we are here for you as a resource to bounce ideas off of or to help implement tracking into your site.. Below is some general advice we can offer:

  • Product Listing:  One thing that can help your product listing is working on your product descriptions. Having more on-page content that is VERY relevant to the specific product will help improve your site ranking. Another strategy is to get links to your site pages. This can be done by tweeting and writing blogs/articles about products or categories and linking to those pages using the keyword as hyper-linked text.
  • Niche Writing:  For blogging, we suggest writing each article on "niche" topics so that the posts have more of a chance to rank, versus writing about very general topics that are competitive to gain organic traction.