Creating CSV Profiles

How to Create Custom Import Profiles

Whether you take advantage of Global Export Profiles by WSM™ like the Shopping.comShopping Data Feed, or need to create a custom mapped Import Profile, you will be amazed at the usability of this feature.


  1. Clicking this icon will open the profile for editing
  2. Clicking this icon will make a copy of the profile and open it for editing
  3. Displays custom mapped fields within the import profile
  4. Clicking this icon will allow you to upload a CSV TSV, or PSV file
  5. Clicking this icon will download the CSV TSV, or PSV file

Having complete control of which data to import or export could be daunting.  Unless of course, you are using eCommerce Import and Export Management System by WSM.  This is a look at the sub-items within the listed item. 

  1. Indicates that the item is a global mapped field within a global profile shared across all sites. Global items cannot be modified by regular users; your own custom profiles will not have this limitation.
  2. Clicking this icon will open the custom mapped field for editing
  3. Permanently removes the custom mapped field from the system

Once your profile is created you can use it to export or import data, depending on the purpose of the profile.

Visit our importing basics and model pages for the different areas of WSM you can import or Export.