Facebook Fan Page


Sites have the option to link social media accounts on their homepage or footer area but you must first have a profile to link to. This article will explain the benefits of having a Facebook Fan Page, how to create a Fan Page to link to from your site, and how to use it to the advantage of your site.


Benefits of a Facebook Fan Page

Facebook is one of the best ways to place your site infront of your target audience on a regular basis. The number of people using Facebook continues to grow and Fan Pages provide a fantastic opportunity to support customer service, sales, and marketing by connecting your site to your target audience.

Setting up a Facebook Fan Page

1. On your internet browser, go to:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/.  You will see this opening page:

Facebook Pages

2. Click create your own.

3. Click on the category that best describes your business. Then select a sub-category that best describes your business. Now enter Business NameStreet AddressCity/StateZip CodePhone, and click to agree with Facebook Pages Terms. Click Get Started.

Facebook Category

4. You must have a personal Facebook account to be an administrator for a Fan Page. If you do not have a Facebook account, enter EmailNew PasswordDOB, type the Security Check into the box, check the box to agree with the Terms of Use and click Sign up Now!. If you do have a Facebook account, click the radio button for I already have a Facebook Account, enter your Email, Password and click Log In.

Facebook Signup

5. Now you can add more information about your business, I recommend that you always add as much information as possible whenever possible. You can click Skip at any point and add more information later.

First, add a Profile Picture by either clicking Upload From Computer or Import From Website, click Next.

Second, add a description and website(s) to improve the ranking of your page in the About section. The basic info area should be filled with keyword rich copy which would be very similar to what you might write for the welcome message on your home page. Be sure to enter the url(s) of your site along with any other profiles you maintain, click Save Info.

Third, choose a unique Facebook web address to make it easier for people to find your Page ie: http://facebook.com/acmeauto. Once this is set, it can't be changed. Click Set Address.

Facebook Set Up

6. Facebook will show you your Admin Panel where you can view your insights, begin to edit your page and invite your friends to like your new page! I repeat, I recommend that you add as much information as possible. If you scroll below the Admin Panel you will be able to add a cover photo and hours.

How to use a Fan Page - Best Practices

In just 15 minutes, a day, it is possible to manage all of your Social Media profiles.  In order to get it all done in a timely manner you really need to be active every single work day. Your every day routine might look something like this on Facebook:

  • Spend the first minute scanning your Facebook wall to answer any new posts, comments or questions from fans and customers.
  • Then, post an update, add a new product photo, or link to a story about something relevant to your industry. Aim for at least one new Facebook post per day.
  • If you're short of ideas, look at current events.
  • Need to drum up business during a particularly hot week, for example? Come up with a fun Facebook coupon code (such as HEATWAVE) for any customer who gets two friends to "like" your page that week.

As you build your fan page remember that the About section and Wall are great areas to include keywords and keyword phrases. Feed those search engines whenever you have the opportunity.

How to control which images are displayed on your Facebook page and posts

Adding your website links to Facebook is a great way to promote your website, advertise products and keep your customers updated on new items, promotions, and sales on your website. After adding your links to Facebook you may find that the image being displayed does not match the main image of the product on the website. Facebook uses a type of logic that they feel selects the representative image but we find this is not always correct. There is a solution that may help you get Facebook to display the image you desire. 

In order to select the images being displayed on Facebook, please try the following steps. Our hands are a little tied as we don't control what Facebook does but this may assist you:

  1. Open the website you wish to share.
  2. Highlight the link of the website. Right click your mouse > copy.
  3. Paste the link on your Facebook page, in the update status section, where it says “what’s on your mind?”
  4. On doing that you will see a link appear in this section, with a preselected photo. This can be changed.
  5. Under the newly posted link, there will be a box with a + sign. Click this box and select a photo from your computer. Make sure to unselect the original photo by clicking on it.

There is also a 3rd party video that can assist you in walking through these steps.  Please note this is not a WSM company video and should only be used as an information reference/resource to assist you with this process:



For both local and national brands, Facebook is a great way to interact with your target audience where they are spending time. Try thinking of clever and creative ideas to engage your audience like photo caption contests, and give-aways to encourage participation and ultimately deepen their loyalty to your brand.