Adding FedEx as a Shipping Method in Web Shop Manager

These are the steps to access the shipping credentials from your Fedex account:

  1. You can use the FedEx website to acquire the Key/Meter information for use in Web Shop Manager (WSM). Please do the following to see if you are able to acquire the information you need. If not, you may need to call your representative.

    1. For U.S. go to
    2. For Canada, go to:
    3. Log in with your FedEx username and password (If your existing account information does not give you access you may have to complete the registration process for the developers section of their site.)
    4. Select FedEx Web Services
    5. Select Move to Production
    6. Select Get Product Key
    7. Select the following options:
      1.  "No" in the Do you intend to resell your software section
      2.  "FedEx Web Services for Shipping" in the type of FedEx web services you intend to use in your integration solution section
      3.  “Corporate Developer” in the “Application Profile” section in the whether you are developing your FedEx integration solution as a Corporate Developer or as a Consultant section

    This should give you the information we need to input on the Shipping & Handling configuration screen. Follow these instructions to add the information to WSM.

    1. Log into WSM
    2. Highlight System
    3. Click Configuration
    4. Click Shipping & Handling tab
    5. Click the checkbox to enable FedEx
    6. Select the shipping options you want to offer
    7. Add your account information and the Key/Meter numbers you received from FedEx.
    8. The password you enter is included in an email from FedEx. It is not the same password used to log into your FedEx account.

    9. Click Save.
    10. Call FedEx Web Support at (877) 339-2774 request to talk to Web Services.
    11. Request from representative that he submits a Request for Address Validation.

    Please let us know if you have questions as you move through the process.