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Sites have the option to link social media accounts on their homepage or footer area but you must first have a profile to link to. This article will explain the benefits of having a Google+ Business Page, how to create a profile to link to from your site, and how to use it to the advantage of your site.


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Setting up a Google+ Business Page

First, in order to create a Google Plus Business Account, you will need to have a Google Account. If you currently do not have a Google account, you can sign up for a free account at:

1. On your internet browser, go to: You will see this opening page:

2. Sign in your Google account by entering your email address and password. Click Sign In.

3. You will now be on the Home section of your Google+ account. On the left side panel, there are icons listed vertically alongside the newsfeed. Hover your mouse over the More icon. Another icon will appear which is labeled Pages. Click on Pages.

4. On the Manage Your Pages section, this is where business page(s) will be listed after you have either creating them or have been assigned admin rights to. Click on Create New Page.

5. Pick a Category. Typically, you can pick either Local Business or Place or Company, Institution, or Organization. Click on the category that best fits your business page.

  • If you choose Local Business or Place, a pop up window will appear asking for the country of origin and the primary phone. Click on Locate.
  • If you choose Company, Institution or Organization, select a category for your company from the dropdown menu and click Next (shown below).

6. In the Create a Google+ Page section, enter the following information:

  • Choose a Name – This is the Title of your Business Page
  • List you external website, if you have one – This is the URL of your website (i.e.
  • Your content is appropriate for – You can put an age restriction (if needed) on who can view your page

Click on the checkbox "I agree to the Page Terms". Click Continue.

Now, you can enter in your company contact information such as email address and phone number. Also, you can upload your company logo and add a cover photo (which the photo will be displayed on the top header of your page). Click Finish.

Congratulations! Now your new Google Business Page is created! You can now add your friends to your business circles and start posting company news!

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