Adding a Navigation Link to Menus

Q:  How do I add a navigation link to my menus?

A:  Here is a video 
Navigate to:

  1. Content
  2. Navigation
  3. Click on the Menu Group column so that all items sort by menu group, making it easy to see what menu group you want to add to.
  4. Also notice the priority numbers in that menu group. The lower the number the farther right or down the link will appear. The higher, the farther left or up. Determine which priority will get you the results you want. You can adjust this by editing the Navigation Link at any time.
  5. Click Add Link
  6. Complete Name - Name that will appear in the Navigation
  7. Complete Link Title - Although not mandatory this is the hover text
  8. Select Menu Group
  9. Set Priority if necessary
  10. Change Type
  11. Add URL
  12. Add Navigation Link

If at first you don't see the changes even after a hard refresh (shift+refresh), navigate to:

  1. System
  2. Configuration
  3. Save