Inserting Links On Site Pages

Q:  How do I link to a specific spot on a Site Page?

A:  When your reader clicks on the link that you provide, they will be taken to a new page. In order for this to work, you will need to add a bit of HTML code to this page, the page where you want the reader to go. Then you will modify your url, and hyperlink as usual.

Here are the steps:

  1. Place <a name="sample"></a> where you want the reader to be taken. 
  2. For example, on a test page with HTML like this:<a name="sample"></a><h2>Sample Paragraph Heading</h2>
    <p>Some great content here!</p>
  3. I just placed the anchor to take the reader to the Sample Paragraph Heading. 
    Note: you can name the anchor whatever you want.
  4. Please add #sample to the end of the URL on the site page, blog post, etc...where you want to send your reader. Now, the URL for that anchor will be: link)
  5. If you are hyperlinking to this anchor from another Site Page, email blast will use your hyperlink code as normal ie: <a href="" title="Hover Text">anchor text here</a> making sure to include the anchor tag you just created.