Paypal Phone Number Settings

Q: How can I change the settings on my PayPal account so that my customers will be required to enter a phone number?

A: When using the PayPal Express Checkout you may want to consider requiring your customer to add a phone number to their PayPal account. This will cause them to have to edit their account after logging in during the checkout process and add a phone number.

Note: If you do not set the requirement, WSM will require a phone number on your checkout screen.

Settings in PayPal:

  1. Log into PayPal,
  2. Click Profile from the My Account main menu
  3. Click My Selling Tools in the left side menu
  4. Locate Website preferences on the page and click Update to the right of that section
  5. Scroll to Contact Telephone Number section and click the radio button for On (Required Field)
  6. Click Save button