Order Errors

If a customer calls in and is recieving an error, please follow these steps.

  1. Double check with the customer that they were using an active credit/debit card and the correct billing address
  2. Make sure that they are not using a card that you do not accept
  3. Login to your WSM account to check if the order went through.

a.  Click on Orders > All Orders > Search on Order ID or Name of Customer

b.  While in All Orders, look for received orders since the customer tried to place theirs and it didn't go through

c.  If it is not there then you need to check the Orders in Progress section

d.  Click on Reports > Orders in Progress > Search on Order ID or Name of Customer

4.  Log onto your Authorize.net or PayPal account and see if the transaction is in there.

a.  Check for declined, pending, or active transactions from that customer

b.  If the order is in their and declined then the card was declined

c.  If the order is there and pending, then your payment gateway stopped the payment from going through.

5.  If you want the payment to go through, you will have to validate it in your payment gateway.

a.  Go back to your order in WSM

b.  Mark the Order Status as New or Processing.  

c.  Your payment gateway will not feed the payment information back into that order

d.  If you need it for your records you can add it in the notes section or memo section on the order in WSM. 

6.  If the payment is not in your payment gateway, and you have the customers credit/debit information try completing the transaction straight from your payment gateway account

a.  If it does not go through you can call or payment gateway, but most likely there is something wrong with the card

b.  If it does go through, you need to check your payment gateway credentials that you have in WSM to make sure the connection is working. 

7.  To check your payment gateway credentials are correct, go into WSM under system > Configuration > Payment Processing

a.  You need to check with your payment gateway that nothing was changed with your credentials

8.  If everything looks good with your credentials then you need pick a product that is low in price and try to actually purchase the product with your own credit card through the front end of your website like a customer would do. 

9.  At this point if you have gone through all of these steps and you can still not see it working then you can contact support.

      10.  Write in an email all of the steps that you took and enter in all the results for all of these steps and email it to                                      support@wdsolutions.com