Packing Combo Files

Steps to packing Combo Files from SDC

  1. Before you can package a combo file you will need to get a list of makes and models that the client wants to keep.
  2. Once you have this list open your Combo file that was downloaded from SDC.
  3. Next to column AG (Model) insert a new column with a heading of "Make-Model".
  4. In column AH (Make-Model) create a concatenate formula that combines columns AF and AG
  5. Type the following formula: =TRIM(CONCATENATE(AF[insert cell # from column AF here],"-",AG[insert cell # from column AH here]))
    1. The TRIM function will remove any extra spacing that SDC automatically has in their combo files
  6. In column AH there should now be a concatenated value for make and model (e.g. Ford-F-250) that is pulling columns AF and AG together
  7. Select that cell then click the bottom right corner when the black + sign appears and drag all the way down to the end of your columns
  8. The formula should now be applied to every cell creating new Make-Model information in cell AH