Site Configuration


The Site Configuration is one of the most important areas of your site to consider carefully before taking your site live. The Configuration is the brains of your site where you can set parameters that control so much of how your site functions on both the frontend and backend.



Please allow enough time to fine tune your Configuration by going through each tab and each field. From your Dashboard, the Configuration is located under the System tab. Each tab within the Configurations is listed and briefly defined below.

Site Information

The Site Information tab from your System drop down is essentially whether you are a Content only website or a eCommerce website. It is important to fill out this tab there for two reasons (1) To gather your company contact information to be used on your Contact Page, website header and/or website footer (2) To determine the address of origin for selected calculated shipping options to use to determine your customer's shipping.


The General tab is used to control features that affect different areas of your site on both the frontend and backend and is particularly important if you are utilizing the News, Location or Coupons modules.


The Catalog Tab allows you to make some very important decisions for your product pages & category pages.


The Cart Tab allows further control of settings that effect your Cart page that customers see once they select the Add To Cart button from a product page.


The Checkout Tab allows you to control much of the checkout process including questions and minimum sale thresholds.

Shipping & Handling

The Shipping & Handling tab allows you to control what shipping methods you offer, where you ship to, if you charge handling or if you offer will call pick up.

Payment & Processing

The Payment & Processing tab allows you to control your customer's payment options. There are a variety of payment options that can be made available to your customers and are supported by Web Shop Manager (WSM). Offering different payment options is important because it ensures that you will never run into an occurrence where someone wants to buy something from your site, but does not have what is required from a specific payment option.


Images are an important aspect of your website, the Images Tab allows you to set parameters for your images. Web Shop Manager (WSM) makes it easy for you to control the size of your images within the CatalogGallery, and Survey sections without uploading new images. When preparing your images for your website you should keep the full size image in mind because WSM will not resize your image larger than the original image you uploaded. This is done on purpose as to not distort the display of your images.


The Advanced Tab controls the appearance of your catalog along with some tracking reports should you wish to enable them.