Processing Orders: Work Flow

This document will provide examples of processing orders from start to finish and will highlight specific considerations depending on the current size of your eCommerce venture. Each situation is unique and you may find that your needs change continuously. What may have been handled by one person in the past, may now be split into multiple positions within your organization to suite your present needs.


General Work Flow of Processing Orders

All sites will have the same basic process for handling orders once they are received. The basic work flow will look something like this:

  • Changing the order status in WSM - will add description
  • Processing the order within WSM - will add description - include QuickBooks mention
  • Shipping the order - There are many options to consider when planning to ship your items. This includes preparing a packing slip, a pick ticket if necessary, fulfilling the order, and preparing a shipping label.
  • Communicating with the customer after the order - There may be customer service concerns and questions that arise after the order is placed. Someone will need to monitor the inquiries via email and phone.

Considerations for Brick and Mortar adding eCommerce

Having an existing Brick and Mortar store and adding an eCommerce site can certainly be a tremendous boon to your business and can drastically increase your market reach. With the additional source of revenue you will encounter additional considerations. You will need to determine if your current staff will be able to handle the management of the brick and mortar as well as the eCommerce site. Determine how quickly you will want to have orders processed and shipped from the site. If your current staff is at capacity it may be necessary to hire one more more staff member to manage, and grow the site and continually communicate with the staff at the existing brick and mortar, especially if they will both be drawing from the same inventory.

eCommerce Storefront with Multiple Employees

Clear and defined roles will make running your site streamlined and efficient. If you have two employees it may make sense for one person to process the order and prepare the order to ship, while the second employee ships, and handles customer service.

eCommerce Storefront with One Employee

Being prepared before the orders arrive is the best way to handle the site on your own. Be sure to place test orders and work out any areas you are unsure of before your first order arrives.