Shipping Estimator

Cart Sub-Total  vs. Checkout Grand Total

If the Shipping Estimator at the Cart screen is giving you different quotes than at Checkout, it is functioning as it should. The Estimator is based solely on the zip code without any other parameters. It is only after the Billing and Shipping information is provided at Checkout that you will see something more accurate. To clear up some confusion in that area, we have added the help text at the Shipping Estimator section that states:

"Notice: The shipping rates shown here are only an estimate based on zip code, and may differ from actual rates during checkout with your full shipping information."

NOTE: The shipping estimator is used with US Zip Codes Only.

You are welcome to disable or enable the Shipping Estimator at any time. To do so, from your Dashboard navigate to:

  1. System
  2. Configuration
  3. Cart
  4. Uncheck "Shipping Quote Tool"
  5. Save