Exceeding Bandwidth

There is a limit to the amount of bandwidth you pay for with your hosting account. A notice will be delivered when you get close to/exceed your monthly allowance.  This is an automated email that the system will send when you are getting close to your bandwidth usage that was established. We don't, automatically charge for the bandwidth that exceeded one month, especially if it is the first month the limit was exceeded.  However, we do automatically charge you for bandwidth if you are at the $30/month hosting level.   We will evaluate each situation to determine if we need to increase your limit by 10 gigabytes (typically $100), or if we need to wait and see what your usage looks like the following month.  All hosting levels with a greater pay scale will be evaluated and you will be contacted prior to making adjustments to your monthly hosting.

In some cases, the cause can be your homepage slideshow banners. We like to see these around 40-70 kb and some of yours may exceed 100 kb. To remedy this, you can communicate with your graphic designer to optimize the slides that they created to be in the 40-70 kb range. If you let us know when those have been updated, we can replace the existing slides.

Steps for Navigating to your Slideshow Slides:

  1. Modules
  2. Photo Gallery
  3. Slideshow
  4. Click the Black Camera to access the individual slides

The traffic you're getting could also require a higher monthly maintenance fee.  

Here is a chart of what the rates are and it shows that as you get higher the monthly price per GB is reduced.

    • $100/mo - 10GB
    • $200/mo - 20GB
    • $300/mo - 30GB
    • $400/mo - 40GB
    • $500/mo - 50GB
    • $600/mo - 70GB
    • $700/mo - 90GB
    • $800/mo - 110GB
    • $900/mo - 130GB
    • $1000/mo - 150GB

Monitoring your usage:  If you let us know, we can monitor your usage for a few days and see where it falls later on this month.