Order In Progress: Checkout Status

Q:  Why do I have so many orders in progress?

A:  This can be caused by a wide variety of reasons, and does not necessarily point to your site.  

  • Many visitors to websites will shop and then build an order just to see the exact price of their order including shipping costs
  • Visitors will build an order for a purchase, to sit in the cart and pay for at a later date
  • Maybe visitors are having trouble navigating through the checkout process

Again, having a large number of orders in building status does not necessarily mean that your site visitors are having trouble with the system. The WSM checkout screen is designed for a speedy checkout with clear directions in all fields.

If you want to, you can attempt to extract funds from an order in building status by viewing the email address associated with a building order and communicating directly with your customer. This may not always be available, as an email address would only be displayed if the site visitor was registered or the data was provided at checkout