Sites have the option to link social media accounts on their homepage or footer area but you must first have a profile to link to. This article will explain the benefits of having a YouTube channel, how to create a YouTube channel to link to from your site, and how to use it for the advantage of your site.


Benefits of YouTube

It is important to interact with your target audience in a way that they want to be interacted with.  Video is a great way to reach them by:

  • Showing products being installed
  • Showing product installations and the happy owners showing them off

Sometimes there just isn't anything like a visual!

Setting up a YouTube Channel

 1. On your internet browser, go to  You will see this opening page:

Creating a YouTube Channel

2. Click Sign In.

3. If you have a gmail account you can sign in by entering your gmail email address and password, and then click Sign In. If you don't have a gmail account click Create An Account. Complete all fields and click Next Step. Continue through the prompts until your account has been successfully added.

Creating a Channel

3. Click Create An Account.

4. Now that you have created your account you need to add a channel. First, click the down arrow to the right of your profile picture. Second, click My Channel.

Your YouTube Channel

5. Uncheck or leave checked the Privacy and Sharing boxes that apply to you and click All Done!.

6. Now that you have an account and a channel you can begin to customize your YouTube channel and add as much information as possible about your business. Click Channel Settings to begin. 

Customizing Channel Settings

7. Choose an Avatar which could be your logo, and a background. Next add Info including a description. The description should include a url to your homepage or catalog.

How to use a YouTube Channel - Best Practices

  • YouTube is a great place to host and share branded videos with your target audience.
  • You don't have to hire a model to create effective videos. In fact, a real person doing the labor, such as installing a truck part or doing product reviews may be more effective in delivering your message.
  • Transparency is the new little black dress, so don't be afraid to be yourself.
  • In your video, encourage viewers to visit your site for more information about a service or product by including a relevant url in the video description.
  • Let your viewers comment on your YouTube channel. With that in mind BE SURE to monitor and answer questions and comments as they come.  Not responding is like hanging up on a customer while others watch.


With all social media, if your target audience seems to spend time on YouTube, you need to deliver your marketing message on YouTube. Bring value to your relationships by providing videos that help them make buying decisions.