File & Image Hosting


The Files & Images section of your WSM site can be used to host images associated with importing products, to host images for use around your site, and to share images with WSM team members. This document will outline how Files & Images can be used in these capacities. For more information on uploading Files & Images, and creating folders click here.



Files & Images is command central for hosting .jpg, .gif or .png files to be used throughout the site. 

Importing Products

When importing products, use files and images when images are not on a web server somewhere.

If you do not have images located on a web server you can use the WSM Content>Files & Images feature to upload the files. Create a folder called "allproductimages". This will allow you to easily delete the images after your importing is complete. Note: All web images must be a .jpg, .gif or .png file format.

To capture the URL for your Import File, click the View icon to the left of the file you uploaded.
EXAMPLE OF image expression 

Sharing Files with Team Members

Instead of emailing PDF's, and logo images to specific members of the design team you can use the Files & Images section of your site to host them and create a shared space between all parties.

Images for Site Design

During the development of your site, WSM team members will use this section of your site to host the images that will be pulled into your site's template(s). These files are used to control how your site looks and functions (style.css) as you will want to make sure that you do not mistakenly delete any of these files.

Images for Content Pages

All images to be used within content pages will be hosted in Files & Images as well. Those content pages include: