Resource Topics

Resource Topics allows you to create groupings of Resources and then keep your Resources organized within the Resource Topics.  So first, you must create a Resource Topic, and then, you create your Resources.  This document will cover how to create Resource Topics (to contain Resources).



All Resources that you add to each Resource Topic will be listed on the same page. You can use Navigation to add a link to these pages from your site menus.  For more information on creating Resources click here.

Steps to add a Resource Topic:

  1. Go to the back end of your WSM
  2. Click "Modules"
  3. Click "Resources"
  4. Click "Add Resource Topic" in the upper right hand corner
  5. From here you can enter all the necessary information for your Resource Topic. The fields with a red star next to them are required, while the others are optional. It is always a good idea to include as much information as possible for your customers and search engines.
  6. Add Resources

*Topic The name to display for this resource topic.
DescriptionA description of the resource topic which may include keywords and phrases to help with SEO.
Extended Description

Additional information that you would like to include for this resource topic which may include keywords and phrases to help with SEO.


The parent resource topic.
Meta TitleThe title that is displayed in the top of the web browser as well as in Google search results, shoud be 6-12 word or up to 80 characters and defaults to the topic title if not filled in. 
Meta DescriptionMeta description is used for the page summary in Google search results, defaults to the first 250 characters of your topic description if left empty.
Meta KeywordsMeta keywords is a comma separated list of words and phrases to describe this page. Defaults to any given info up to 250 characters.
*PriorityChoose the order the resource topic is displayed in. Resources are sorted by priority in descending order. When resources are assigned the same priority, they are sorted alphabetically. 
HiddenWhen enabled, makes resources hidden and completely inaccessible from the web.
TemplateTemplate to use for this topic and all resources in it.
Customer Required When enabled, makes this resource topic, and all resource within, visible only to customers that are logged into your site.
Customer GroupIn order to see this resource topic and all resources within, the customer must be logged in as well as assigned to an existing group.


Take time to plan out the organization of Resource Topics and Resources for both your customers and search engines. The extra time spent in the planning stages will save considerable time rather than revising later.