Advanced Tab (Archived)

The Advanced tab primarily contains options about the way your products are displayed to viewers. Whether you wish to change category images or have your customers see their recently viewed items, this tab will let you refine their viewing experience.



In the Advanced tab, you will be able to edit such details as to how many columns and products will be displayed, how many products in those columns, and how many products can be displayed per page. You can also edit some more specific options, such as tracking page views for your products. You should take time to view your page settings to ensure that they are displaying accurately and cleanly. 

Steps to complete the following to access this tab in WSM:

  1. Log into Web Shop Manager
  2. Hover over System
  3. Click on Configuration
  4. Click on the Advanced tab

Form Fields Defined

Below is a list of each field in the Advanced tab.

When the Enabled checkbox is selected, the images you upload to your site's categories will be displayed on the category pages.
When the Enabled checkbox is selected, appliciable brands will be listed at the bottom of each category page. The list will be created from the products in the category that are assigned to the brand.
The number of columns used for listing product categories. If not set, the number of categories displayed will default to 2.
The number of columns used for listing products within a category. If not set, the number of products displayed will default to 2. 
*Show Per-PageThe number of items (categories, products, search results, etc.) to display per page. 
Generates a report that records the products that each logged-in customer has viewed. 
Generates a report that records the number of page views each product receives. 


Each time you edit the information in your site's System Configuration, it is important that you click the Save Changes button before navigation to another menu option in Web Shop Manager.

*Note: you can be on any tab on the System's Configuration screen when you click Save Changes and it will save the changes on all tabs.


By taking a little time to experiment with the options in the Advanced tab, you will continue to set your customers up for success in navigating - and purchasing - your products.