Importing News Topics

Importing News Topics allows you to upload an entire framework for your News Articles from a spreadsheet instead of adding them one by one through the News Module in Web Shop Manager.



If you have a list of News Topics that you would like to add to your website you can format that list into a spreadsheet with the fields listed below. Once the spreadsheet is created and saved as a CSV file you will be able to upload it using a CSV profile. This will create all of the News Topics in the spreadsheet with the click of a button. After the News Topics have been created you can import News Articles and assign them to your News Topics.

Steps to adding News Topics is a two step process:

  1. Develop a spreadsheet with all of the News Topics that you would like to create.
  2. Upload the spreadsheet using a CSV profile.

Form Fields Defined

  • Default:The value which is automatically displayed if you have not designated a value on your import file.
  • Values:Indicates how you must enter the text for that particular field category.
  • Delimited: Indicates what you must use for your Multi-Value Delimiter when having multiple cells load into one profile field. This feature is most commonly used when loading product images, as many times clients wish to show multiple product images for each item. If the MVD was a - your VALUES would read as the following: ${column header1}-${column header2}-${column header3}
  • Force Update:Indicates whether a force update must be clicked to have the new data load over the existing data. A force update is needed when an existing field’s information does not automatically update with the new csv file’s data.
  • Character: Either a restriction or recommendation for this field.
  • Special Notes:See special notes section for any additional details that may need to be referenced.